1st days sailing together - Vernon Deck

We finally finish up the new rigging and get out of Airlie Beach! Its a lovely place but it was a good feeling to pull up the anchor and sail away for the last time. With the new rigging and sail I wanted to give it all a shake down so we sailed up and down the bay a few times before anchoring at South Molle Island. 

There used to be resort in this beautiful bay, that was before Cyclone Debbie laid waste to it. The place is absolutely trashed and its very sad to walk around there and imagine all the fun times people had there. 

The only things enjoying the resort now are the Cane Toads. Hundreds of them had taken over the swimming pool and were sunbathing sometimes 3-4 deep on whatever happened to be floating. Ugly things they are!


Maurus from IndianaSUP in Zurich had very kindly offered us an inflatable paddle board so we finally got to pump it up and give it a test. Ylva loves it and I'll be getting into it as well.

Thanks so much IndianaSUP for this awesome addition to our floating paradise!

Next day we sailed over to Hook Island and climbed up a bunch of huge boulders to get to an amazing waterfall. During the afternoon we set off north, direction Cairns, but thats all in the next video. Thanks for watching.

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