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Leaving Hook Island we set sail and followed the coast north. This was our first overnight sail together. Sailing at night is weird because you have no sense of distance. Lights across the water can be really far away but one can’t tell for sure without checking the map for reference. We took turns keeping a watch up on deck and arrived at beautiful Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, just before lunch.


We spent a week on Magnetic Island - an awesome place! We hiked the coastal trails, ate a fair amount of ice cream on the beach, attended some yoga classes (Ylva) and made friends with other sailors anchored in the bay.

From Magnetic Island we continued to Orpheus Island before making our way into the channel that separates Hinchinbrook Island from the mainland. Our friends on Big Mama in Horseshoe Bay had told us about Creek Number 7 that one can access from Missionary Bay at the top of Hinchinbrook. It winds its way between the mangroves and ends up at a boardwalk which leads you to the other side of the island, the one facing the ocean.


We took Lets live as far as we could before the river seemed to get too narrow and zipped up the remaining part with the dinghy. After a few twists and turns it came to a dead end. Nothing but mangroves ahead. But once we had figured out where we went wrong the boardwalk was easy to find. 

We spent the afternoon with a picnic on Black Sand Beach, had a nap and then made our way back to the boat. Anchored out in Missionary Bay that night we were surrounded by dolphins who were feeding and swimming circles around us. One could hear them breathe when they came up for air and thanks to the bright moon one could faintly see their movements on the surface. It was pretty sweet.

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