An Introduction - Vernon Deck

We are starting our adventure. Vernon bought a sailboat in Australia last summer following a long held dream of the freedom that life on board can offer, of spending time on and in the water and exploring the world at a leisurely pace. Having grown up on the New Zealand coast he is more of a boatsman than I am, but I intend to catch up fast. We found the name “Learning by Doing” to be pretty appropriate. We are both relative rookies when it comes to sailing but intend to learn as we go but it also applies to our way of life, living, learning, gaining experience, watching and listening to others and making some mistakes. So here we will show the good with the bad. I’m sure some will laugh at us but hopefully some will also learn and maybe some of you will leave messages below that will help us to learn also.

There are many aspects of the cruising lifestyle that appeal to us - being conscious about how you use resources such as water and electricity that many of us take for granted in our western-world abundance, and trying to minimize the impact we have on nature. We like that it requires creativity and hands-on problem solving skills. And of course there is the lure of travelling off the beaten path. Hopefully there are still some uninhabited islands and hidden lagoons out there to be discovered.


Our plan for the next five months: get Nautilus ready at Hope Island on Australia‘s Gold Coast and spend the first month cruising around Morton Bay getting to know her. After that we will head up north along the coast inside the Great Barrier reef and see how far we get before flying home again at the end of September.


For more and different images please follow me on Instagram @vernondeck ..... All images shown here can also be ordered as prints for very reasonable prices.

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