Brisbane River - Vernon Deck

An early start had us heading for the Brisbane river channel. On approach we radioed the port authority to get the latest info on traffic in and around the port. To get up the river to Brisbane city you have to pass right though the main port which can be a bit hectic when two or three huge ships are entering or leaving.

We entered the shipping lane with what we thought was loads of room but together with us not being very fast and and outgoing tide slowing us even further there was a massive car transporter bearing down on us at a rate of knots. There was plenty of room though as we just hugged the edge of the channel and let him pass by.

Its a 20 mile cruise up the river which doubles back on itself a few times. Once we were past the port though there was hardly any traffic and no tricky spots to worry about We past under the Gateway bridge which I’ve driven over many times and then the Story bridge which is right downtown and finally found a spot to anchor. We dropped the anchor then realised we were too close to the shore and had another go this time getting it about right, deep enough water but leaving the ferries enough room to whizz by us in the channel.

Once we were certain the anchor was set and we were not going to be drifting downriver we got in the dingy and had a look around. We were smack in the middle of a big city! I found it amazing that we could just cruise up here, throw out and anchor and live for free right there. There was even little jetties for us to tie the dingy up too, one of these was on SouthBank and right beside City Beach, a resort like swimming and chilling zone. Ylva got a bit sick on the second day and ended up going to stay with an old school friend of mine, Sam Robourgh. While she was there I stayed on the boat and got a few jobs done. The chart plotter was playing up so I also took that into have a check over. I brought a cruiser skateboard and spent some time each day ripping around the city checking new streets out. I got some funny looks, guess there’s not many wild looking 40 somethings riding skateboards in Brisbane.

I met up one day with cousins of mine from New Zealand, Carolyn was nice enough to drive me to a couple of shops that were a bit far away for me to skate too. We then all met up for dinner at a great spot overlooking the city and had a good ol catch-up. After 6 days though we were ready to get out of there and on too some more sailing. We waited for the tide to start going out then caught the free ride back down the river, passing by all the sky-scrapers and busy people.

Passing out through the port there was nothing going on and we had time to admire the huge container port and all its machines.

The massive cranes looked like soldiers to me and I took quite a few pictures of them.


The Go Pro I was given by Extreme and the pole and other useful gadgets that Xsories sent me have been coming in very handy, allowing me to capture different angles and underwater shots. Thanks again to them!

Out in Moreton Bay again and heading for Scarbourgh where we will be spending some time trying to learn more about actually sailing this boat. Check back for more soon.

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