We spent the last three days in Zurich cleaning our flat to hand it over to the landlady. In Switzerland this final clean is taken VERY seriously. If you have cash to spare (we did not) you hire professionals to do the job. Everyone agrees that it is money well spent. By the end of it we were really, really looking forward to some time off. Upon arrival in Australia we stayed in Petrie with Vernon’s brother Jerry, his wife Cindy and their boys. They have a garden full of exotic fruit (mangos, bananans, strange hedgehog-like green things the size of your head!) and two excitable Jack Russel dogs. Jetlag would hit around 7 at night, the shift in timezones amplified by the for us unreasonably early nightfall. After a few days we pack some bags to go live on Nautilus at Hope Harbour, Marina’s Edge.

Sadly, you cannot just move aboard a boat that has been moored and vacant for the last six months. Space is limited and before anything can be put away that space needs cleaning. From bow to stern we sweep, wipe and hoover where others might simply have closed the hatch and declared the area forever out of bounds. On our first sightseeing trip up the river Nautilus looks like a proper gypsy boat. Everything that needs to dry or has not yet found a place is up on deck, securely fastened with clothes pins (or not at all).

All work and no play… well, you know how that goes. We decide we have to do something fun and take the dinghy to a nearby mangrove island before breakfast.

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