The weather gods decided to grant us three days of mellow weather so we hightailed it from our overnight anchorage on Hook Island out to Hook Reef, a 30-odd mile journey. Its funny sailing out to a reef as you cannot see anything of your destination until you are right there, you’re cruising along in 60m of water, suddenly you see the water colour change and you’re there!

Some dolphins swam with us for a few minutes, the only ones we’ve seen so far in the Whitsunday Islands. Further south we’d seen some most days, my theory being that there are too many tourists up here and the dolphins are just not curious about boats any more.


Snorkeling on the reef three times per day is a huge dream of mine. Warm water, fish everywhere, different coral everywhere and no people around, what more could you need? Depending on tides the coral was 1m deep or 3m under, with the bigger fish coming in at high tide. I found a few good spots to go spear fishing and caught our dinner every day. I have no patience to sit on the boat and wait for a fish to bite but I can swim around with my spear all day, hunting that perfect fish. I could have shot a fish every two minutes but I was very specific on what I wanted.

Here’s a little clip I shot with my GoPro catching a good sized Coral Trout, my all time favourite fish to eat. There were always a few reef sharks hanging around but I always kept the dingy pretty close by and got there with the fish asap.


Our whole 1500km journey up the coast we had still to see whales. This was the first day we saw any and I spotted this one just after the sun had set. After this we saw whales nearly every day!

On the way back from the reef we spotted a pod of very active whales off in the distance. I steered in their direction for a while, then as they were coming towards us I dropped the sails and just drifted for a while. They came steadily towards us, slapping their pectoral fins and blowing spouts of steamy water. We started to get a bit worried but it was too late to get out of the way so we just watched them come.

Watch the curious whales saying hi to us!

I climbed the mast to have a good look around, such a rad view up there. The water out there is so clear, it can be a bit scary at times to see Nautilus floating above the knife sharp coral.


The places we‘ve been, the things we‘ve seen

The people we’ve met, the hours we’ve slept

Waking with smiles, walking sandy miles

Let's live, life is good.

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