We spent an awesome four days anchored in Pancake Creek. Its a magical little place that we hadn't anticipated, no houses, no power, no internet, no lights at night, no noise and no roads or traffic. The only people to come here are sailing folk like ourselves. Its also a very protected anchorage so we had perfectly calm waters and that means Nautilus doesn't move around at night and we sleep like babies.

We call this Beach Art. As the tide goes out the little crabs dig out their holes and roll little balls of sand out. Its fascinating to watch them do this, they are so busy! They do this two times every day and make new patterns every time.

These cactus seem so out of place growing in amongst the gum trees, every time I see them I think they must have got lost and just thought, bugger it, I’ll just stay here then.

One night I rowed ashore at about 10pm with all my camera gear and a couple of beers. I spent the next couple of hours doing long exposure shots of the trees and stars. It was quite spooky being in the forest with just the bush noises around me. The huge sky and bright Milky Way were awesome to see though.

We did quite a few hikes around in the hills, being on a boat you tend to not use your legs very much so we try to keep as active as we can when ashore. One hike was to a place called Aircraft Beach and we soon saw why it was called this. A small plane was landing there and offloading supplies to a survival camp.

Backpackers hike or get flown in and then camp in this beautiful location for a week or so. There are tents, a kitchen, kayaks,snorkelling gear etc provided so its not really full-on survival style but they get away from the normal tourist mode for a while.

This is quite possibly the most scenic toilet I’ve ever used. Survival camp dunny.

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