From the Urangan Marina we sailed out across the last of the Sandy Strait, north past Moon Point and then East to stay parallel to Platypus Bay beach. There were squalls hitting us every 20min and I think I reefed the sails about 10 times in 4 hours. I had the fishing line out and what do you know, bang, the line goes zinging out full speed and I jump over to start the battle leaving Ylva to steer the boat.

About 5 min into the fight a hefty squall hits us, the boat heels right over and stuff flies everywhere. A winch handle flies overboard, plates, cups and pots fly out of the drawers downstairs and Ylva is freaking out. I’m not giving up the fish though and we somehow get through it till the winds dies down a bit. After about 20min I’ve seen the fish twice and its a big tuna. Eventually I have it right under the back of the boat and I think its over when it just flicks its head, the hook jumps free and its gone! Damn I was disappointed.

That night we anchored right in close to the beach, all alone. Next morning we had a bit of a sleep-in then got on dry land and had a bit of a look around. The sand is white coral sand and squeaks when you walk in it. There were loads of different birds around, some of them fishing by diving from up high straight into the water. There were a bunch of pelicans using team work tactics to herd fish together, something I’d never seen before.

Thats one of the great things about this trip, we are going pretty slow and have time to really watch and see how things work. Even sailing along, there seems to be nothing going on but we always see some cool stuff if we pay attention. Sea snakes, jellyfish, dolphins, turtles, even just watching the different shades of blue and green of the water.

Most days we would spend 5-6 hours on the beach, sometimes just reading, sometimes going for big walks miles down the beach. I love to fossick around and find nice shells or whatever has washed up on the last high tide. Looking out and seeing Nautilus at anchor and knowing we having everything we need aboard is a great feeling. Makes me feel pretty free.

Ylva likes to make big sculptures in the sand and comes up with some pretty cool animals. She does them above the high-tide mark and we always wonder if other people will come across them before they get blown away. In a week we have only met 4 other people here.

We sailed a few miles further up the beach to a place called Wathumba Creek and ended up staying around this area 3-4 days. It has a huge lagoon behind the beach that small boats and catamarans can get into at high tide. We were too big, but went in a few times with the dingy to explore. When the tide goes out it looks like a desert in there.

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