We hadn't actually planned to visit 1770 but as always when you’re sailing the weather dictates much of what you do. We had sailed 30miles (55km) off shore to a coral atoll called Lady Musgrave which is a tiny little island 5m above sea level surrounded by a huge coral lagoon. There is no protection out there from the weather so you want a good 3-4 days of settled weather to make the most of this paradise. We thought we had that but during our first night out there the wind picked up to over 20knots and by the morning was gusting to 25. There’s no cell reception that far out but we did pick up the VHF weather forecast and heard the weather had done a complete switch up and now was predicted to blow 30knots for the next 3 days. We hauled up the anchor and got the hell out of there! The closest comfortable anchorage was 1770 so we headed in that direction. It was a miserable 5 hours as the wind was gusting and the seas were about 2m and very confused, meaning there was no rhythm to the waves, we were getting thrown all over the place. We just settled in and held on. Nautilus pulled through though and neither of us were seasick.

Town of 1770 is a strange name for a place. It was the 2nd place Captain Cook went ashore and it was in May 1770 so they just called it that. There not much of a permanent population but lots of people go there for holidays, someone there said there’s a two year waiting list to get a camping site. We nearly got caught out going in the channel as its very shallow and has sneaky turns in it that change as the sandbanks move. Once in though we found a really nice place to anchor right over from the main beach. We only planned to stay 1-2 days but we both liked the area so much we ended up staying 4 days.

We hiked up a hill to get a good view down over the anchorage. Nautilus is the last boat on the right.

There was a really nice walk out to the head land where you could see north and south. We climbed up there twice to give our legs some exercise.

The town just had a great relaxed vibe, only one street, one pub, 2 cafes and no shops. Lots of families enjoying the beach and calm waters of the lagoon.

The camp ground was in an awesome setting, right on the beach, palm trees and all. We snuck in there most days for some nice long hot showers and also to catch up on our washing.

On our last day we found out the was a market about 2km out of town so we walked out there. It was located in a park and had an interesting mix of stalls and people. We walked around it all first making a plan of what we needed. We brought loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, some that were new to us like custard apples, dragon fruit and choko. It was a lot to carry back to Nautilus but we now had a good stock of healthy food for the next 2 weeks.

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