Schiehallion sailing boat
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So, bags were packed, apartment keys handed over, passports safely in pockets and we were off to the airport. The moment had finally come. After lots of planning and thinking about what we would need to take, how much room we would have and all the other things that had to be done in the last days it came as a bit of a shock to be actually sitting on the plane. Thankfully the flight was half empty so we had the pick of seats and both got about 8 hours shut-eye.

Flying into Singapore mid afternoon we looked at each other and it clicked, “we are doing this”. Singapore is always so busy and the waterways surrounding it are as well with hundreds of ships of all sizes crowding around.

We were lucky enough to have a friend in central Singapore to stay with, thanks Chris and Amanda and family for your hospitality! We dropped our bags at the house and walked a few kms to a big street food market and tasted a few different concoctions. The street food in Singapore is cheap compared to Switzerland but pretty expensive for Asian standards. Really tasty though!

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The next morning we got up at a decent hour and caught the underground down to the Marina and went for a walk through the amazing “Gardens by the Bay” It was very hot, way more humid than we were used to so we took a few breaks and drank lots of water. The “Super Trees” were pretty cool but actually I liked them better from a distance. There were loads of tourists everywhere and all seemed to have “selfies sticks” that they were using at every turn. It got a bit annoying and sort of embarrassing to watch, us humans are a strange breed.

Our flight to Brisbane was leaving at 9pm that evening so after walking around Chinatown and getting some more interesting food we made our way back to the house and had a quick swim in the awesome pool. Amanda very nicely offered to drive us out to the Airport, thanks again! We’d left all our luggage at the airport so after collecting that we checked in and wandered around the huge airport till it was time to board. It was only a short 7 hours to Brisbane and my brother Jerry was waiting there to collect us.

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