This is a pretty long clip consisting images I captured during the last couple of weeks snorkelling in the Whitsundays. A dream come true for me to be doing this again. I feel so at home in the water, I just need to increase my ability to stay under for long periods of time.

I want to also say thanks again to those who support me. VOLCOM for providing me with great clothing, artistic freedom and motivation. GO PRO, XSORIES and X-TREME VIDEO for the great cameras and equipment. 

My mum flew over from New Zealand for five days with us. We picked her up in Airlie Beach and sailed out right away. I don't get to spend much time with Mum so this was a great chance to have a good time together. I wasn't sure how she would enjoy being on Nautilus but she settled right in and was very relaxed.

We visited Hamilton Island for a few hours, went for a swim in the big seafront pool there and then had a quick lunch down at the marina. We motored out of the marina right into the finish line of a huge international yacht race! There was 220 boats all fighting to the end coming right at us and I had to weave in and out between them all for 30 minutes. Talk about hectic. Obviously I was way too busy to take any pictures.


The nice thing about sailing in the Whitsundays is the short distances. Until now we always had a 8-10 hour day to get to the next safe anchorage, here you can anchor everywhere. So you pick and choose your destinations depending on the wind and currents. Sailing downwind is so much nicer than upwind!

Whitehaven Beach is the 3rd most photographed place in Australia. So I was not really keen to go there and wrestle tourists all trying to get the same “memory” shot. But it really is a special place and it would have been a shame not to go up there, for Mums sake as well.

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