Schiehallion sailing boat

The Air & Style event in Innsbruck is one of the oldest Snowboarding events. It has a great history and also a sad one when in 1999 six spectators died. It remains one of the most important event for the pro's and has created many a career. I don't shoot many events but A&S IBK is one that I try to get to each winter.

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Innsbruck is a small city full of students and passionate mountain folk so the crowd at the event is always huge, noisy and pretty drunk. A big part of the event is the music and some pretty huge bands come and play each year.

I made a video, Day in the Life of Torgeir Bergrem for my You Tube Channel, Learning By Doing.

Another Norwegian, Marcus Kleveland ended up getting second, he's a young kid and this winter blew up, wining multiple events and becoming a household name.

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