I spent a few day in Lax in February. It was foggy, cold and windy and most people were just hanging out in the cafe. Looking out the window I kept seeing this tiny kid riding past, having a great time. He had long hair flying out from his helmet and a big smile on his face. I decided to go and see what he was up too.

His name is Nico Bondi, 6 years old and from Madonna di Campiglio. 

I introduced myself but he didn't speak any English or German so I talked to his father Francesco. The kids energy was infectious so I decided to grab my camera and do a couple of laps with them. 

I also did a couple of laps filming Nico with my new Go Pro Hero 5. Later that day I went and watched Nico skating the bowl. The kid is so rad, I just had to make a video about him.

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